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Rabbi Jonny has spoken to pupils at many schools, including:

Eton College, Royal Masonic School for Girls, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls’ School, University College School, Merchant Taylors, Queen Elizabeth Boys’ School, Watford Grammar School, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, North London Collegiate School, City of London Boys’ School, St Albans Girls’ School, South Hampstead Girls’ School.

Rabbi Jonny Hughes is an inspirational, energised speaker who will enliven and add spirituality to your event.

Deborah Levy, Consultant, Irwin Mitchell LLP

He reaches parts of the brain other speakers don’t reach.

Simon Leslie, CEO, Ink Global

He had me thinking long and hard about life.

Steve Rowbotham, Olympic Rower
“Rabbi Hughes has visited Eton College regularly visited Eton College Jewish Class.

His visits and the talks he gives to the Jewish students of Eton College are always eagerly awaited. For our Jewish students their sense of Judaism both spiritually and culturally has been enriched and enhanced having had the benefit of the lectures and lessons that Rabbi Hughes has delivered.

As Jewish Tutor at Eton College, it has been a great benefit to me and in turn the Jewish students to have the benefit of Rabbi Hughes knowledge and support. His level of academic study and authoritative knowledge on subjects such as Rabbi Solovetchik and the Rambam serves to enhance the quality of learning experience and academic challenge for our students.

Rabbi Hughes’s family background and his early career in football enables students form extremely diverse Jewish backgrounds to relate to him as a person and not just a rabbi. He literally breaks down the barriers to allow those from the most distant Jewish backgrounds to feel they have a place in the Jewish community.

It is no understatement that in recent times certain Jewish students from the Eton College Jewish Class have been completely changed as far as their outlook to Judaism is concerned due to Rabbi Hughes’ input. At Eton we look forward to working with Rabbi Hughes over the coming years.”

J.M. PAULL, M.A JEWISH TUTOR, Eton College, Windsor Berkshire SL4 6DW
“Rabbi Hughes is a popular speaker, with students frequently requesting his engaging sessions. I went along to Royal Masonic School for Girls J-Soc back in December to watch Rabbi Hughes deliver the popular session ‘A very merry Jewish Xmas’. The session had a turnout of over 45 students and left them feeling engaged and excited about the society; wanting to return back for future weeks.

The sessions Rabbi Hughes delivers add an incredible dynamic. His unique and modern approach to Jewish Education is an asset.”

Charlie (Charlotte) , Buchanan Schools Informal Education Project Coordinator, UJIA
“Rabbi Hughes visited Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for a Girls and gave a highly interesting talk to the Year 10-13 Jewish Society which the girls listened to with interest. They were focused and motivated by the content of his presentation which enabled them to then be involved in a discussion and question and answer session with Rabbi Hughes. I could see that the 20 or so students who attended the session were impressed by Rabbi Hughes’ charisma and intellect as well as how well he was able to express his points in such a way that the content of the session was accessible to all students present. In my opinion, Rabbi Hughes is a valuable asset to the positive impact he has on the students.”
Joy Dabby-Joory , (Teacher in charge of the Jewish Society)

“Having heard Rabbi Hughes speaking many times in a variety of different environments and to differing audiences, it is clear that he has a quite unique appeal to people, especially the younger generation.

His background is extraordinary, which makes him a very sought after and go to person for the younger generation who can easily identify with his warm personality and dedicated approach. I could not think of a better Rabbi within the US to engage with young students as well as Rabbi Hughes does. Every time his name has come up in conversation, he has been universally admired and respected across the entire range of religious spectrum. A unique offering which should be maintained and utilized as much as possible to the Jewish student population.”

Andrew Fisch , Managing Director Rann Investments Limited
“Rabbi Hughes has come to speak at the Habs Girls’ Jewish Society twice this year. He held an interesting Question & Answer session where people from a huge range of religious backgrounds felt comfortable asking him lots of questions, even though he was a Rabbi and some of them had never even met a Rabbi. His answers to the questions engaged everyone and taught us a lot about Judaism.

He also did a session on ‘Why it should be all about you?’, where he spoke about self-confidence and identity. This made us all feel proud to be Jewish women and reminded us that our Judaism is an important part of who we are.

The feedback from both of the sessions was that he was really approachable and interesting to listen to.”

Amy Silverbeck , Haberdashers Girls School, aged 17
“Having Rabbi Hughes coming to Habs JSOC was fantastic and just what our JSOC needed. We have girls ranging from practicing Judaism religiously, to not at all, and we felt that he made everyone feel as if they could ask a question if they had one. We all felt very comfortable asking him everything we needed.

His session on ‘Why it should be all about you?’ reassured us of our pride to be Jewish and instilled a true self confidence in us.”

Sasha Cohen, aged 16, Haberdashers Girls School
“As President of the Manchester Jewish Society I always felt comfortable coming to you as a Rabbi who I knew would understand me both as a Jew and as a person. You offered a huge amount to the community both through your personal advice and offers to come speak to students. Had I the opportunity during my time to bring you to campus I would have love to have taken you up on that, just sadly my term ended before I had the opportunity to. You’re a fantastic Rabbi and an even better person.”
Lawrence Rosenberg